Realistic Prevention

A realistic approach to prevention

It has become very obvious that the Illness Industry is a corrupt monopoly enterprise that is supported by all governments at all levels of jurisdiction. All these governments should be promoting the health of the people under their jurisdiction. But they  are not interested in the health of the population. Instead they are only interested in assisting the Illness Industry to increase its profits and to strengthen its stranglehold monopoly. The Illness Industry is not interested in the health of people, it is only interested in maximum profit creation. We cannot blame the doctors and the nurses for the fact that the Illness Industry has become the largest swindle in the economy with a total yearly income of $3.2 TRILLION in 2011 and a projcted income of $4.6 TRILLION in 2020 when the Federal Budget in that same year is projected to be less than that at $4.2 TRILLION. The Illness Industry in the USA is the largest special interest monopoly in the World. And "We the People" have no freedom of choice because we are forced by the Government to pay for all the illness treatment and all the poisonous medication the Illness Industry sells whether we want it or not.

Obviously PREVENTION is the way to go, where all people will learn how to prevent illness and also how to assist their body to do its own healing at home without the involvement of the Illness Industry.

The Illness Industry (falsely named Health Care Industry) currently employs over 18% of the working population in the United States. It is projected to employ over 20% in 2020. That cannot continnue this way because it is bankrupting the economy and it ruins our health. If everybody were to practice only 4 minutes of prevention per day, the Illness Industry could be converted to a Wellness Industry to create a higher degree of health and more longevity for everyone.

The only things people know about preventing illness and restoring health is what they learn from the media. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and social media are publishing a never ending stream of half baked impractical information about health based on "Diet and Exercise". At the same time the media publish even more misinformation to promote the Illness Industry and run billions of dollars of ads for medication and newly invented illnesses for which we are advised to go to the doctor or hospital to get checked out about the possible need for treatment and prescription medicines. Prevention is never suggested in the articles or advertisements.

It makes sense that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We have learned that lesson with taking care of our cars. Our cars will develop a lot of unnecessary and costly "illnesses" if we do not do preventive maintenance.  We check the air in our tires, check the coolant in our radiator, check the oil in our engine and we feed the car with proper clean gasoline. We also give it a tune-up at regular intervals.

We must learn that our body deserves at least similar good care and maintenance. Most of us understand this, but there is little or no practical information about illness prevention available. How to do preventive maintenance and what exactly do we need to do to prevent illness. So it is up to us to give people such practical information with which they can prevent illness and help the body with food and exercise so that it can heal itself without the largely ineffective Illness Industry. 

The 3 major ingredients for a good personal illness prevention and health promoting wellness program are:

1. An increase of plasma circulation to and from all cell tissues.
2. Better food with all the nutrients vitamins and minerals in it.
3. Better hygene to minimize intrusion of micro organisms into our body without killing too many "good" germs. 






A word on improving your environment 
Most people fail to understand that the environment that is closest to them has the greatest impact on their quality of life. There are millions of people very concerned about the cleaning up of the polluted environment. They have big protests against dump sites they want to have cleaned up but they fail to see that the closest environment that has the greatest impact on their quality of life is their own body, the body that holds their own life. They walk around in a very toxic and polluted body that they dump very toxic medications in every day and they feed themselves with food that contains a lot of pollutants as well. They have all kinds of illnesses that they can easily reduce or eliminate and certainly prevent. They are obese, diabetic, have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They have arthritis, muscle and joint pain and they fail to see that they have all of these problems for lack of exercise OR BECAUSE OF TOO MUCH EXERCISE. They can clean up their own toxic bodies without having to have protest rallies and cleaning up their own bodies and improving their health will improve their quality of life much more than cleaning up all the pollution on Earth. Amazing, isn't it? 

The big problem is to learn how to clean up your body and strengthening your immune system. The healthcare industry (I call it illness industry) has no interest in your health improvement. They can only make money on illness. Them teaching you how to become healthy and avoid illness would be like a car mechanic wanting to teach you how to take care of your car so that you would never need to bring your car in for repair. Car mechanics make money on repairing cars, they are not interested in "healthy" cars. There is no money in "healthy" cars, there is only money in unhealthy cars. And so it is that the whole Illness Industry and the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in your health. To improve their image in the public eye, they will on occasion mention the importance of diet and exercise, but your doctor learns hardly anything about diet and exercise in medical school because there is no money in healthy bodies. Illness is the feedstock for the illness industry and health improvement would destroy that whole business model. That is why in all Congressional discussions on the illness problem there is never a single word about PREVENTION or WELLNESS. 

The major factors in improving your health are exercise and diet. Both are very easy to make big improvements with your health. Exercise is almost impossible for 92% of the population but is very possible with a very expensive 4 minute per day exercise machine http://www.fastworkout.com/ . Diet improvement is cheaper when you follow my 2 simple diet recommendations: 1. Eat living food, food that has life in it or that has been dead as short as possible (no processed food in cans or in the deep freezer that has been dead for a long time). 2. Buy food that has a very short shelflife and spoils in the shortest amount of time. Reason is that when food spoils very quickly such as bread getting moldy in 3 days or so, it means that there is something of food value in it for micro organisms. I
f food can be 3 weeks on the shelf without spoiling, there are not even valuable nutrients in it that are interesting to micro-organisms. If there is nothing worthwhile in food value for micro organisms, then there is nothing in it for humans. So leave that kind of food that is obviously full of preservatives in the grocery store and buy only the food that has a very short shelf-life. Problem is that grocery stores will not buy much of these fast spoiling foods because they lose a lot of it to spoilage. So, find the kind of stores that will buy a lot of fast spoiling food but expect that they will buy it in smaller quantities and will have run out of much of it before the closing hour.

Following is a link to a very clever exercise machine with which 87% of people can succeed being on an effective lifelong exercise program. Why? Because it gives a complete workout for cardio, strength and limberness in exactly 4 minutes per day (never more than 4 minutes). People do not exercise because it takes too long. If an exercise requires 15 minutes or more then 92% of the population is unable to do it because they do not have the discipline to do 15 minutes of exercise per day. Brushing teeth is something that people can do because it only takes a couple of minutes. If teeth brushing were to require 15 minutes or more there would be very few people brushing their teeth. So when people become interested in doing exercise, they immediately set themselves up for failure when they buy exercise equipment that requires 15 minutes or more. Only 8% of home exercise equipment is used and 92% is totally useless exercise equipment because it is not used. Similarly the average voters keep electing government leaders from among people that have serious character flaws and are corrupt and are surprised why the economy keeps collapsing on regular intervals.


45 minute exercise is stupid

http://www.fastworkout.com/  is smart